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Julio Betancourt

After a long and extremely productive career here in Tucson, Dr. Julio Betancourt has relocated to a new position with the U.S. Geological Survey's Natioanl Research Program in Reston, VA.

[No longer available for GC GIDP graduate committees]

Warren Beck

Dr. Beck's field of expertise includes studies of paleoclimate, ENSO events, radiocarbon calibration and Be-10 studies in Chinese loess deposits. He is currently directing a project on improving understanding of the link between Be-10 and paleoclimatic signals. 

Nelson Cronyn

Human adaptation to climate change in arid and semi-arid sub-Saharan Africa and the southwestern United States. More specifically, I am interested in two areas of overlapping research: 1) How households and communities adapt to climate change; 2) The role of public and private institutions in improving the resilience of households and communities in the context of climate change.

Melinda Butterworth

I am a health geographer working on issues of disease, climate, and public health. My PhD major is Geography (advised by Andrew Comrie) and minor is global change (advised by Kacey Ernst and Tracey Osborne). My dissertation revolves around the central theme of climate change and dengue fever in the southern US. I am interested in connections between climate and the dengue vector and virus, as well as the social dimensions of dengue outbreaks.

Edella Schlager

Dr. Edella Schlager's research focuses on public policy, political theory, and natural resource policy. Her research interests include institutional arrangements that communities create to govern their use of renewable natural resources, cooperation among resource users, and self-governing arrangements.


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