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Cody Routson

I am a geoscientist using a combination of tree ring and lake sediment climate indicators to reconstruct 1000 to 2000 years of climate history in the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado.  The goal of this research is to understand the nature of summer precipitation in the Southwest.  My research has confirmed the existence of a multi-decade drought period in the second century A.D. The findings give evidence that extended periods of aridity have occurred at intervals throughout our past.

Alison Macalady

I am a dendrochronologist and geographer investigating factors that affect tree mortality during droughts of the past century. Climate-induced tre mortality is an emerging global phenomenon that could have wide-ranging consequences for forest composition, structure and function. Warm drought and associated eruptions of bark beetles recently resulted in extensive tree mortality in piñon-juniper woodlands of the southwestern United States.

Stephanie Koch

I am a PhD candidate in Epidemiology with a minor in Global Change. As well as a researcher and project coordinator for the Skin Cancer Institute of the University of Arizona Cancer Center.


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