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About the Global Change GIDP Executive Committee

The GC-GIDP Executive Committee administrates the Global Change Ph.D. Minor program. The composition of the Executive Committee aims to reflect the breadth of backgrounds and units represented by the membership of the Committee on Global Change. Any member of the Committee on Global Change is eligible to serve on the Executive Committee.

To nominate yourself or a GC colleague for consideration as an Executive Committee member, use the online nomination form.

Find additional information in the GC Minor Bylaws (Updated January 2014)

Duties of GC-GIDP Executive Committee Members:

  1. Executive committee members serve for five years. Meetings of the committee are held 1-2 times per academic semester. In addition, graduate student luncheons sponsored by the Executive Committee are held once each semester.
  2. The Executive Committee is responsible for administering the Ph.D. minor, including:

i. establishing requirements for the Ph.D. minor;

ii. evaluating and approving case-by-case requests for waivers to the requirements;

iii. arranging for the offering of any core courses a required for the minor program;

iv. preparing and making available current information to students regarding program requirements and faculty involved;

v. facilitating communication within the Committee on Global Change, with its supporting academic unit heads and deans, and with the Institute of the Environment;

vi. helping to match students with appropriate faculty members to serve as the minor advisor and as members of graduate student committees;

vii. recruiting faculty to serve as members of the Committee on Global Change;

vii. establishing any ad hoc committee needed to ensure operation of the program; and

ix. carrying out of appropriate reviews of the program and membership.