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Annika Ericksen | Global Change

Annika Ericksen

Research Interests: 

I study cultural anthropology in the School of Anthropology and am pursuing a graduate minor in global change. I have also completed the Certificate in College Teaching Program through the University of Arizona's Office of Instruction and Assessment.

I work in Mongolia, where I have a background as a Peace Corps volunteer. I study the politics of risk and responsibility in relation to increasing environmental challenges facing the herding livelihood. My focus is on herders' and other stakeholders' responses to unusually severe winters. I have also carried out research on pastoralism, drought, and development in Niger. I teach ecological anthropology and political ecology. I look forward to designing further courses dealing with cultural anthropology, rural livelihoods, and global processes, and to introducing students to ethnographic fieldwork.

PHD Major Advisor: 
Silverstein / Olsen
GC Minor Advisor(s):