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Carl J. Bauer | Global Change

Carl J. Bauer

Carl Bauer works on water problems at the intersection of law, geography, and political economy. For 20 years his work has revolved around water rights in the Americas, especially in Chile and the western United States. Most of his experience has been in the areas of water markets; privatization and regulation of water resources; water conflicts and river basin governance; hydropower; and environmental flows. Current research looks at various countries' efforts to combine water markets with environmental flow regimes. These efforts are leading international experiments in trying to bring law, economics, and politics to bear on sustainable water management. Professor Bauer aims to compare and contrast these issues in the different contexts of Chile, the western U.S., and Spain.

Harvill, Room 442
School of Geography & Development
PhD, Jurisprudence and Social Policy, University of California, Berkeley, 1995
(520) 621-1917