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Graduate Teaching Assistantship | Global Change

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

for students who are enrolled in the Global Change PhD Minor GIDP

When funding is available, a call for applications will be announced on the GC Minor Listserv for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship (GTA).  The assistantship is for the GC 170A1 Introduction to Global Change course.

The assistantship is open to graduate students who have officially declared the Global Change (GC) GIDP minor and have filed their Plan of Study paperwork with the Graduate College by the application due date for the assistantship. We anticipate that the appointment will be for 1/4 time. The appointment is awarded on a semester-by-semester basis. The course for which the assistantship is available is a General Education Natural Sciences course, hence applicants are asked to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and expected outcomes of the General Education Tier 1  courses.

What are the qualifications?

  • Official enrollment in the Global Change PhD Minor Graduate Interdisciplinary Program (GIDP) (i.e., your paperwork has been filed with the Graduate College)
  • Good Academic Standing (3.0 GPA or higher)
  • Attendance at the Graduate Assistants in Teaching Orientation program (GATO) if you are a first-time GTA at the University of Arizona (offered prior to the Fall & Spring semesters)
  • For international students, a TSE score of 50 or above
  • A J1 or F1 Visa for international students


GTA responsibilities typically include holding office hours for students, grading (including student essays), assisting in class preparations, delivering one or more lectures (optional), and facilitating group activities in class. Contact the instructors for details on specific responsibilities.

How to Apply

Send a letter of application that includes a short statement of what you, in particular, could bring to the GC 170A1 course, and describe your:

  1. Academic program (your major, GC minor, major and minor advisors, research area and dissertation topic, if known, etc.)
  2. Teaching experience, including development of teaching-technology skills such as Powerpoint, Excel, Turning Tech Responders, E-learning platforms (e.g., D2L), webpage creation and maintenance, etc.
  3. Topical experience and/or classes you have taken that are relevant to GC171A 101; be sure to state which GC-GIDP core and elective courses you have completed as these will provide excellent qualifications for this assistantship
  4. Proficiency in English, including ability to grade student essays for grammar and content
  5. Anticipated schedule of classes for the semester (if known)

Please address your letter to "Dr. Katie Hirschboeck, Chair, Global Change GIDP" and email it to:

IMPORTANT: please type "GC GTA Application" in the subject line.