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Jonathan T. Overpeck | Global Change

Jonathan T. Overpeck

Jonathan Overpeck is co-director of the Instittue of the Environment (with Diana Liverman) and has active research programs in North America, South America, Africa monsoon Asia, and Australia - most commonly focused on providing paleoenvironmental and climate modeling insights on how key aspects of the Earth’s climate system may change in the future. Although much of Peck's work focuses on terrestrial system, he has also participated research cruises to the Arabian Sea, and tropical Atlantic. Peck was co-chief scientist with Larry Peterson of the cruise that began the long and rich history of work involving sediments from the Cariaco Basin in the southern Caribbean. Peck also has a strong interest in interactions, past, current and future between climate, ice sheets and sea level. Lastly, he works hard at the interface of climate and decision-making as the PI of the Climate Assessment for the Southwest and SW Climate Science Center programs. 

Institute of the Environment / Geosciences / Atmospheric Sciences