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Lisa Felix | Global Change

Lisa Felix

Research Interests: 

I am currently a 3rd year PhD student in the Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies program (formerly Teaching & Teacher Education) of the College of Education, focusing on environmental learning and science education, with a minor in Global Change.  I work closely with my advisor, Dr. Bruce Johnson, in implementing and evaluating education programs – programs experienced by students from the K-12 level to the those going through the teacher education department here at the UA. 

My personal experiences as a classroom teacher and outdoor educator brought me to the realization that environmental learning is not being given the focus it needs and deserves in order to create environmental literate citizens.  As such, my research and work here at the University of Arizona focuses on bringing environmental learning into our teacher education program and thinking about the methods, contents and theories that undergird a learning and teaching focus such as this.  Another research focus of mine, the relationship between ecological understandings, environmental perceptions and actions, helps contribute to my work on environmental teacher education.


Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
PHD Major Advisor: 
GC Minor Advisor(s): 
Morrissey / Bonine