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Michael Brunke | Global Change

Michael Brunke

Research Interests: 

I am a Research Specialist, Atmospheric Sciences in Xubin Zeng's Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions Group and a Ph.D. candidate in Atmospheric Sciences with a minor in Global Change.

My research focuses on the role of atmosphere-ocean, atmosphere-land, and atmosphere-sea ice interactions and atmospheric boundary layer processes in climate and climate change and how these processes are represented in global climate models that are used to assess climate change.  Current research projects include an assessment of the global climatology of tropospheric specific humidity inversions, the further extension of a modified Richards equation to replace the aquifer model in the Community Earth System Model, and the implementation of dynamic vegetation into the Regional Arctic System Model.

Atmospheric Sciences
PHD Major Advisor: 
GC Minor Advisor(s): 
Hirschboeck / Russell