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Susanna Pearlstein | Global Change

Susanna Pearlstein

Research Interests: 

I am a PhD candidate in the UA’s Soil, Water and Environmental Science Department, investigating the population dynamics and water balance of tamarisk-dominated riparian ecosystems of the Colorado Plateau and Great Basin. Tamarisk, also known as saltcedar, is an introduced drought- and salt-tolerant tree or shrub that can take over areas where native cottonwood and willow trees once grew. It has thus become the focus of removal efforts, and a certain type of beetle has been intentionally introduced to control the tamarisk population. I am investigating comparative water savings before and after beetle arrival, a hot topic in the water-starved West, as some believe the tree takes water away from human consumption.I am  also looking into what plants could replace tamarisk where the beetle is successful in reducing its population. 

Soil, Water & Environmental Science
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