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Moira Hough | Global Change

Moira Hough

Research Interests: 

I am broadly interested in taking an interdisciplinary understanding the impacts of climate change on wetland ecosystems and biogeochemistry. My doctoral research will focus on tracing carbon transformations and fluxes through Arctic systems across a permafrost thaw gradient. As permafrost thaws, previously frozen carbon and nutrient pools are released. Simultaneously, associated hydrologic changes drive shifts in above-ground plant community composition with concurrent changes in below-ground microbial communities. I am interested in understanding how these transitions in plant and microbial communities alter the carbon pathways that lead to CO2, CH4, and DOC release. Ultimately, I hope to address not only how ecosystems are impacted by environmental change but also how we can manage them to promote adaptation to such changes. 

Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
PHD Major Advisor: 
Scott Saleska