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Greg Barron-Gafford | Global Change

Greg Barron-Gafford

Greg Barron-Gafford is Assistant Professor & Associate Research Scientist, School of Geography & Development and B2 Earthscience, Biosphere 2, B2 Institute.  His research interests focus on leaf, soil, and ecosystem scale fluxes of carbon and water in response to vegetative and climatic change. Recent research projects have focused on seasonal responses of plants and ecosystem function in response to variations in temperature using a mixed-methodology approach of leaf level measurements and eddy covariance techniques. Most recently, Barron-Gafford has assumed management of the eddy covariance tower on Mt. Bigelow, re-instrumenting soil profiles and adding measures of snow depth and sub-canopy carbon and water flux.

ENR2 S439
School of Geography & Development / B2 Earthscience, Biosphere 2, B2 Institute