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Saleh Ahmed

Research Interests: 

Saleh Ahmed is a Ph.D. student in the UA’s Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Arid Lands Resource Sciences with a minor in Global Change. Saleh’s research interests are focused on global climate change impacts on local livelihoods. Increasingly, the world’s population faces challenges due to unprecedented changes in climate variability and extreme weather/climate events. These stressors and shocks force a reconsideration of our anthropocentric narratives and a review of the essential relationships between environment and society. The future of the human race largely depends on how human and their social systems react to the changing pattern of climate.  Saleh’s regional focus is on low-lying coastal Bangladesh, which has been heavily affected by various slow onset climate events, such as sea level rise and salinity intrusion in land and groundwater resources as well as extreme climate events such as increasing frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones.

Using vulnerability, adaptation, and resilience frameworks, Saleh’s dissertation research analyzes the determinants of local vulnerability among various community groups, such as the local Muslim majority, local Hindu minority, local indigenous community, and female-headed households and their differential need for climate services. These groups often have differential adaptive capacities and their capacities and needs for improved adaptation decisions and community resilience are also different. In addition, poor and marginalized populations are vulnerable in part because they have limited access to and understanding of appropriate climate services. Climate services involve the production, translation, transfer, and use of climate information in adaptation decisions. Through his dissertation research, Saleh aims to advance and contribute to our collective knowledge on human adaptations to climate change by pursuing a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the role climate plays in the lives of vulnerable people and the use of climate services into their adaptation decisions. Saleh is passionate about interdisciplinary and cross-cultural comparative studies that provide critical insights on global climate change issues.

Saleh is the recipient of the 2016 Carson Scholars, Agnese Nelms Haury Fellowship.

Spotlight on Saleh Ahmed -
UA Graduate College, Office of Fellowships and Community Engagement
(August 14, 2017)

Arid Lands Resource Sciences
Graduation Date: 
December, 2017