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Fiona Gladstone | Global Change

Fiona Gladstone

Research Interests: 

Fiona Gladstone is a Ph.D. student in the School of Geography and Development. Her dissertation research, based in the Central Valleys region of Oaxaca, Mexico, explores how direct food transfers under a national antipoverty strategy interact with local food economies. In her master’s thesis, also in geography, Fiona examined transnational migration, land tenure, and the evolution of maize agriculture in a Zapotec farming town (Santiago Apóstol) in the southern Central Valleys of Oaxaca. Attracted to geography for its embrace of linked social and environmental questions, Fiona draws from critical development studies and agrarian political ecology in her research approach. Her interest in rural Mexico springs from six years working in immigration defense in Portland, Oregon, where she specialized in family-based I-601 waiver cases. As a Carson Scholar, Fiona looks forward to developing skills in digital storytelling and public speaking that will help her communicate her research to publics in Oaxaca, Arizona, and beyond.

School of Geography and Development
PHD Major Advisor: 
Diana Liverman
Graduation Date: 
February, 2018