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Charlotte Pearson | Global Change

Charlotte Pearson

Charlotte has a background of interdisciplinary archaeological science research with training in environment & archaeology and geoarchaeology .  Her current research involves dendroarchaeology and dendrochemistry, especially Mediterranean dendroarchaeology, with the key goal of furthering and strengthening the Aegean Oak Chronology for the last 10,000 years.  Other research interests include dendrochemical analysis of tree-ring sequences to investigate the timing of volcanic events, forest fires and anthropogenic pollution and the reconstruction of climate events from tree-ring isotopes, anatomy and carbon 14.  She is also developing a tier one TRAD course on "Cultures, Catastrophe & Climate" which will examine evidence from the paleoenvironmental record (tree-rings in particular) for climatic and other environmental change and its impact on human societies at various points in human history around the globe.

Bannister Tree-Ring Building, room 404
Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
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