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GC Minor Jessie Pearl Receives 2017 M. Lee Allison Scholarship

On December 5, 2017, the Arizona Geological Society presented Jessie Pearl with the 2017 M. Lee Allison Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional achievement in pursuit of degrees in the earth sciences and who show balanced records exhibiting academic excellence, a passion for research, outstanding professional and general community involvement, and leadership in all of these areas.

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Rachel Gallery

Rachel Gallery is an Assistant Professor in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment with appointments in the Genetics, Arid Lands Resource Sciences, and Applied Biosciences Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs. Rachel is a community ecologist focused on the ecology of soil microbes and plant-microbe interactions.

Courtney Crosson

Courtney is a licensed architect and Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona School of Architecture focused on realizing regenerative water and energy designs at the urban scale. Her work has spanned many scales and locations including Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America. She has worked for Foster + Partners in Hong Kong, Muf Architect+ Art in London, Multiplicity in Milan, and UN Habitat in a Nairobi informal settlement called Kibera.

Christopher Cokinos

An Associate Professor English at the University of Arizona, Cokinos is the lead mentor in a science-communication program and is affiliated faculty with the Institute of the Environment and the Global Change program. He's won a Whiting Award, a Glasgow Prize and an N.S.F. Antarctic Visiting Artists and Writers Fellowship, among several prizes. In 2015, he won an Outstanding Mentor of Graduate/Professional Students Award at Arizona.

Elizabeth Baldwin

Elizabeth Baldwin researches energy and water policy implementation in the U.S. and internationally. She is broadly interested the role that non-state actors play in implementing natural resource policies, the way that laws and legal rules structure stakeholder involvement, and the degree to which such stakeholder involvement affects policy outcomes. One of her current research projects examines ways that private sector and non-profit organizations affect U.S. state energy efficiency and renewable energy policies.

Gregg Garfin

Gregg Garfin is an associate professor in climate, natural resources and policy in the University of Arizona’s School of Natural Resources and the Environment, and deputy director for science translation and outreach in the University’s Institute of the Environment. He has worked for the last 17 years to bridge the science-society interface through dialogues between scientists and decision makers and collaborative projects that require environmental and climate science findings, data, and information.


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