The University of Arizona

Global Change | The Global Change Graduate Interdisciplinary Program

Luke A Parsons

I am a Geosciences PhD major and Global Change minor working on issues related to climate, drought, and natural resources management. Jianjun Yin, a climate modeler, and Jonathan Overpeck, a paleoclimatologist, currently advise and mentor me. I am interested in monsoons, drought, water resources, climate change, and the connection between science and society.  I study the frequency and duration of past droughts in the pre-instrumental period using lake sediment cores.

Scott Jones

I am an environmental scientist who is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to conservation and sustainability in arid regions. I have just finished my first year as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Arizona in Tucson where I am majoring in Arid Lands Resource Sciences and minoring in Global Change. My research interests are at the Nexus of social and natural sciences mainly focusing on the human dimensions of natural resources and socioecological systems.


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