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Simona Seastrand | Global Change

Simona Seastrand

Research Interests: 

I am an atmospheric scientist, climatologist, and meteorologist currently working on my PhD at the University of Arizona. My major at the University of Arizona is in Arid Lands Resource Sciences and my minor is in Global Change. I am supported by the Department of Defense as a Pathways Intern at the 25th Operational Weather Squadron at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, where I work as the Science and Operations Officer. At the University of Arizona, my adviser is Michael Crimmins. My research focus is on short-term climatological forecasting of synoptic scale patterns that will create extreme weather events. Specifically, I am identifying modes of low frequency variability that affect regional spatial patterns over a short period of 3-6 months. I will make use of the teleconnection patterns identified to complete an analysis of past spatial patterns that are associated with them. The results will be used to mitigate extreme climatological events, such as drought, that will severely impact a region.

Arid Lands Resource Sciences
PHD Major Advisor: