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Eligibility | Global Change


Global Change (GC) Minor students are interested in acquiring a broad environmental science perspective involving multiple cross-cutting themes of global change. To enter the program students must be pursuing a PhD at the University of Arizona in any major field. Current students and faculty in the program come from a wide range of fields, spanning the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, many other areas.

Eligibility Summary

  • The Global Change Graduate Interdsiciplinary Program is a Ph.D. minor program only and does not offer a bachelors, masters, or Ph.D. degree in Global Change.
  • To be eligible to join the Global Change GIDP, a graduate student must already be enrolled in one of the University of Arizona's PhD (Doctoral major) programs.
  • Prospective students who are not yet enrolled at the University of Arizona, must first be accepted into a doctoral program and be enrolled at the University of Arizona before applying to the Global Change Ph.D.minor program.  A listing of the  UA Doctoral Programs is avaialble on the Graduate College website at this link: (Click on Doctoral Programs and apply the filter to search for PhD major programs only.)
  • International Students can find out information about graduate admissions at this link: