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Program Overview | Global Change

Program Overview

GC Minor Eligibility

Global Change (GC) Minor students are interested in acquiring a broad environmental and earth system science perspective by exploring the rapidly evolving and cross-cutting themes of global change. To enter the program, students must be pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Arizona in any major field. Current students and faculty in the program come from a wide range of fields, including the natural sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.

GC Minor Requirements

Five courses, for a total of 13 units (B grade or better), are required for the Global Change Ph.D. Minor. Seven (7) units come from a required list of core courses, with the remaining six (6) units (two courses) selected from the list of electives with approval of GC PhD Minor faculty on the student's committee.

To encourage the broad environmental perspective that is intrinsic to the GC Minor, at least one elective class must come from a department and/or discipline that is distinctly different from the student’s major area of interest. Students in the natural sciences should take at least one environment-related elective in the social sciences or law school, and students in the social sciences should take at least one environment-related elective in the natural sciences.

Students who have previously taken one or more of the core classes (e.g. as part of a major) must consult a member of their Ph.D. Faculty Committee to identify appropriate substitute courses from the list of electives, and to receive formal approval from the Global Change Minor faculty advisor. This arrangement is then formalized by a letter from the GC Minor faculty advisor to the Chair of the Global Change GIDP. 

Global Change Graduate Committee Member

Students must select one (1) GC faculty member from the Global Change Faculty to represent the GC Minor on their Ph.D. comprehensive examination and final dissertation defense committees.1 The GC faculty committee member should be identified early in the student's program, so he or she can serve as resources during the student's studies.The Global Change faculty member representing the GC Minor must reside in a home department that is different from the student’s major department.

Note that the faculty composition of the Ph.D. comprehensive examination committee and the dissertation committee may differ, but in each case, one GC faculty member is required on the committee.

Program Administration

The GC GIDP's Minor's Global Change Faculty are from a range of academic disciplines. A smaller group of faculty serve on the Executive Committee, which directs the program.

The GC Minor curriculum is supplemented by many research and educational activities of the University of Arizona's Institute of the Environment (IE). Faculty and students associated with IE are involved in interdisciplinary research that spans much of the breadth of the U.S. Global Change Research Program. IE offers travel grants and competitive awards to GC Minor and other graduate students on campus. The Institute also sponsors global change visitors and interdisciplinary seminars.