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Global Change

A Graduate Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Minor Program

The University of Arizona’s Graduate Interdisciplinary Programs (GIDP) and the Global Change Faculty offer a global change PhD minor. The program provides graduate students with a broad understanding of critical concepts and state-of-the-art skills in the rapidly evolving and cross-cutting themes of global change.

The Global Change GIDP’s mission is to help form and prepare the interdisciplinary scientific community who will contribute to an integrated understanding of the natural and social dynamics of global change. At the same time, the program is meant to create a forum within which scholars from different parts of the University can coalesce in innovative ways around the complex problems that constitute global change. 

News & Announcements

The 11th Annual GIDP Student Research Showcase was held on Tuesday, December 5, 2017. Fifteen GIDP programs were represented at the student research poster presentation. 

On December 5, 2017, the Arizona Geological Society presented Jessie Pearl with the 2017 M. Lee Allison Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional achievement in pursuit of degrees in the earth sciences and who show balanced records exhibiting academic excellence, a passion for research, outstanding professional and general community involvement, and...

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